Ways To Boost Morale For Your Auto Technicians While On The Job

If you're the owner of a small auto repair shop, the mechanics and technicians who work for you are the driving force of your business. Keeping them happy within the workplace includes going beyond giving them a competitive salary in their line of work. Going the extra mile by offering discounts or job incentives that they don't have to pay out of pocket for can provide better job perks and boost employee morale. Here are just a few ways that you can keep your employees happy throughout the year.

Uniform Rental And Cleaning

Auto technicians work in an environment that involves being exposed to dirty automobile fluids and grease on a daily basis. Within minutes of working on a motor or transmission, clothing stains can easily occur. Offering a weekly or bi-weekly uniform rental and cleaning service can help technicians keep the excess dirt out of their homes and their own personal washing machines. A professional cleaning service will pick up soiled uniforms and clothing and replace them with clean outfits for each employee. This is a great incentive that allows employees to be confident while doing their jobs and interacting with customers without having to worry about wearing overly soiled work uniforms.

Food And Snack Accessibility

Having an area where your employees can step away from their bays or workstations periodically can help boost productivity. This allows your employees to retreat and find a quiet place to refuel on food and drinks or retreat for a short break before getting back to work. Allowing a food truck to come in daily and having vending machines set up in the kitchen offer a way for everyone to grab something to eat. As a job perk, consider keeping counters stocked with healthy snacks such as granola bars or peanut snack packs that employees can grab quickly, eat and then get back to work.

Tool Rental And Purchasing

Tools can be expensive. In the automotive repair industry, they can break or malfunction easily. It's important to have a tool supplier on standby to provide a quick and reliable service to your technicians, so they don't have to wait weeks on ordering out parts or tools. Set up a contract with a reputable tool supply or repair truck to visit a couple of times a week to ensure a convenient way for your techs to keep their toolboxes stocked with the essentials.

Climate Control

Professional uniforms and rental uniforms for auto technicians tend to be durable with a heavyweight fabric. This can be challenging when temperatures rise in the summertime. Make sure that your techs are in a comfortable environment year round by having your commercial HVAC system serviced at least twice a year. Proper climate control includes ventilation and a cool, insulated space to work freely in.  This will ensure that temperatures are steady throughout the year and that the building's exhaust fan units are also working properly.

Keeping your techs and employees comfortable and happy is the key to their long-term success and to yours. For more information about uniform rental and cleaning, contact a professional like Spotless Uniform Ltd Uniform Rental Service Kamloops.