How To Repair Your Carpet After A Flood

Water damage can ruin your carpeting in a matter of minutes. Your home may experience a flood from a storm or burst pipe, saturating your floors. Learn what you need to do to repair your carpet after it has been flooded.

Remove all the water you can

The first thing you need to do is get rid of as much water as possible. Turn on fans and heaters to help evaporate the water and dry the area, and use a shop vacuum to suck water pools out of your carpet. You won't be able to get rid of all the water, but you need to move quickly to get rid of as much as you can while you wait for professional help. Leave windows open to help air out the room so you can prevent mold from growing in the affected areas.

Hire a water damage restoration company

A water damage restoration company that specializes in carpet cleaning and repair can help restore your carpet to its original luster after it has been flooded. A company will bring in special vacuums and ventilation systems to remove as much of the leftover water as possible. You will need to vacate the affected rooms while they are being worked on, as the carpet often has to be removed if the water has soaked into the padding underneath. Carpeting also dries faster if it is not tacked down.

Checking for mold

A water restoration company may also want to check your home for mold, and will use special chemicals while cleaning your carpeting to prevent existing spores from growing. Any mold that is found will then be tested to see what kind it is so it can be eradicated completely. While mold testing and eradication is going on, special ventilating fans will be used to help keep the air clean.

After carpet cleaning

After your carpets have been cleaned and dried, it can take up to 12 hours for the flooring to be completely dry. You will need to stay out of the affected areas until you have been permission to enter them again. If carpet has been permanently damaged by excess or unsanitary water, you will have to have the carpeting replaced. Your padding will need to be replaced before you can lay your carpet back down again.

The best thing to do when you have your carpet damaged by water is to have a professional, like Concord Carpet Care, clean and remove the affected flooring for you. The sooner you can treat the damage, the more likely you will be able to salvage much of your carpeting and get your home back to safe, livable conditions again.