Six Essential Signs You Need To Clean Your Carpet More Than Once Per Year

Recommendations about how often you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned vary from every six months to every eighteen months. Wondering how often you should get yours cleaned? If any of the following statements are true, you should clean your carpets more than once per year:

1. You spend a lot of time at home

If you work from home, homeschool your kids, run a home daycare or just spend all your free time at home, your carpets probably get more wear and tear than the carpets of people who only spend a few hours (besides sleeping) at home each day.

The exception to this rule is if you live alone and are meticulous about taking off your shoes at the door and wearing socks.

2. You have indoor-outdoor pets

Don't just think about the people who live with you—remember the furry creatures as well. Pets have oils in their feet that can get into your carpets and make it dirtier. If you have indoor/outdoor pets, they are likely to bring in soil and mud as well, and all of that necessitates more frequent carpet cleaning.

3. You have light-colored carpet

If you have light-colored carpet that shows up dirt easily, you probably want to protect your home's style factor by getting it cleaned often. With darker colors or patterns, you can hide dirt more easily.

Even with dark colors, though, remember to check the warranty on your carpet—some carpet manufacturers nullify their warranties if you don't get the carpet cleaned at set intervals.

4. You have allergies

However, you need to consider more than just how visible the dirt is. If you have allergies, they are likely exacerbated by the dust and particles in your carpet. Regardless of how well your carpet hides dirt, you should schedule regular cleanings if you have allergies or difficulty breathing.

5. You smoke cigarettes in the house

If you smoke cigarettes in your house, toxins from the smoke as well as errant ash can get into your carpet. For this reasons, smokers' carpets need more frequent cleaning.

6. You love to cook and don't have a hood fan

If you cook a lot (especially if you cook with oil), you need a hood fan to extract the fumes from your home. Without one, a film of cooking grease can settle on your walls and carpets. Thwart that greasy film with regular professional carpet cleaning.

If none of these statements apply to you, your carpets probably only need to be cleaned once a year or even every two years.